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The colors of the food's making me hungry. Just the color but not the frogs...hehehe. No offense to people who like this exquisite cuisine!


Way to go to The future chef(s) ! This is just a whole lot of working and I salute them co'z I am just a darn no-chef :( !

Another great series ! F A B U L O U S !!!!


Elles sont splendides tes photos, surtout la premiere :-)


C'est fait!... j'ai pris un billet d'avion pour venir déguster ce plat délicieux. A+

Ashish Sidapara

Pros at work, nice series. For me, the salad would be perfect ;-)


I like the concentration of the teams. They look so professional. Nice series.


I love watching cooking shows. Thanks for this series and the great photos, Sidney!:)


Wow! You really have a long series of Frog festival event!
I only know how to prepare frog legs "Adobo" way..

dodong flores

Holy Angel! Those are professional chefs in frog cooking!!! In our place, only the drunkards cooked frog to be used as pulutan. I used to eat frog when I was in the province. It tasted like chicken ;)


That appetite largest me this coming here in Spain is already lunch from noon I still have not eaten, and I feel like this come about ... We stayed very well ...


Frog cooking ?? Yikes!
I feel like throwing up.

Great images though. Chefs absorbed in their work...


I admire chefs, it can't be easy to be consistent with cooking skills on that kind of level. They look like they really enjoy what they do and do it with professionalism.


I wonder who won the competition. They sure do look professional though they are students.



I dont eat frogs but from the looks of it, its sure yummy! I heard frogs has more fats than pork?

Wim van der Meij

They sure look professional, and proud. Did you eat any of the frogs, and do they taste like the French ones?

Rach (Soulful Thoughts)

Wow, gourmet frogs. It must be a nice experience to try exotic food from time to time.


Hmm... I might have seen those HRM students. And as what others have already commented, frog tastes like chicken. I've already proved it myself, but I lose my appetite when I try it.


hello there I just discover your fotoblog thru Oggi..nice site you've got here..the photos of the HRM students competing for a contest reminded me of the Chefs on Parade experience showed me how students could really be "pro" during competitions like that..speaking of frog..i know it taste like chicken but i never dared to eat too scared LOL,

haggis basher

The skinned frog dosen't look so appetizing! Never the less I'll still eat it once its cooked!


Masarap ang palaka. Lasang manok.

May mga nammet na rin akong taga Holy angel na nursing students.


cooool... i never tried frog in my life, but those people look serious about cooking, man! those must be good food they're making...


i miss cooking.


I will keep away from the dish ... but the photos are brilliant.


yum, yum! that 5th picture looks especially delicious. very kind of the chefs to let you in so close. did you actually taste the fare?


This is amazing :) I am a fan of Iron Chef - a cooking show contest on TV. I love to see this frog cooking contest - will they ever show this on TV at all ?

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